3A Broker Services

At 3A Broker Services we recognized that the Federal market has become much more challenging for small businesses to navigate and we developed an alternative to solve the dilemma.  3A Broker Services was founded in 2010 to provide small and disadvantaged businesses a cost effective solution to accelerate their revenue growth.  

The Federal market is rampant with BD Executive turnover.  The investment in such a resource is significant and the risk is even greater.  So, Mr. Johnson built a business model that focused on providing small businesses with senior level and highly experienced BD Executives at a fraction of the cost of hiring their own.  A business model to accelerate revenue growth and get a small business through this challenge and on the path to success.  

Whether your company is a start-up or is experiencing stagnant or decreasing growth, 3A Broker Services can help your company accelerate their revenue growth.  We identify and qualify opportunities that fit your growth strategy.  We expose your company to opportunities that you may not have had visibility to previously. We campaign on your companies behalf and exponentially increase your sales network across the market.  Our highly experienced team gives your business greater credibility and we enhance your value proposition to customers and teaming partners.  

Our business model was developed with the idea of providing a small business with access to a senior and highly experienced Business Development Executive at a fraction of the cost of hiring that person yourself.  Our single objective is to provide your small business with access to exceptional BD Executives who will produce the results to accelerate your revenue growth.