3A Broker Services offers an alternative to the traditional Business Development Executive (BDE) in a small business.  We've seen hundreds of BDE's fail in the Federal marketplace.  Not because they are not skilled, they are just not skilled enough for what they are asked to do.

Think about it.  Most BD Executives are asked to build a pipeline.  Qualify opportunities.  Build a team. Position the firm with the client.  Develop a win strategy.  Develop a proposal.  Perform administrative duties.   Maybe even be billable.  These are a lot of duties for one person.  And a lot of duties and skills that not many people possess.  People who possess all of these skills generally go on to become business owners or senior executives.  There are just not a lot of BDE's with all of these skills.  

We offer an alternative model and change the traditional paradigm.  Instead of seeking the one person who does all things exceptionally, our approach provides highly qualified resources with the specific skills for job.  We propose you utilize 3A Broker Services to provide your business with the pure hardcore business development resource.  Utilize another business partner to provide the winning proposal writing or proposal strategy expertise.  Or supplement your own dedicated proposal writers with the expertise you need such as Capture Managers or Price To Win expertise ... And utilize your own hires for client facing and delivery responsibilities.  This model allows you to invest over time and it allows you to limit the risk of your investment.  Optimizing the skills and expertise you need when you need it.  This is the foundation for the 3A Broker Services business model.  

3A Broker Services provides you with senior level Business Development expertise to accelerate your revenue growth.  We are highly experienced and successful.  Our executives average 35+ years experience in the market and also act as mentors and advisors to our clients.  We can also provide you with access to proven and trusted resources to address the other challenges you may face as you grow your business (see Our Partners under Our Team).  Our Partners are firms we have worked with in the past.  Firms with proven expertise and leaders we trust.  

3A Broker Services